Data 1968
Local USA
Texto JCR; Support the French Revolution — Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire — YSA
Tamanho e material 2 polegadas papel/metal
Cor vermelho/preto sobre branco
Criador AFL-CIO, Local 64 [union bug]
Assunto Movimento Estudantil — França ; Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire ; Young Socialist Alliance
Contexto 1968 was a year of worldwide protests. In May and June of that year, a mass student uprising in France led to a general strike by ten million French workers. The Young Socialist Alliance (YSA), a Trotskyist youth group in the United States, issued this button, designed by Carol Lipman, to show solidarity with their cothinkers, the Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire (JCR), in France. The button was advertised in The Militant and the Young Socialist for 25¢ or 17¢ for orders of 20 or more. (Young Socialist, July-August, 1968; The Militant, August 2, 1968.)


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